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Take 2 Performing Arts Academy


Setting up Take 2 Performing Arts Academy was a natural progression for The Academy Theatre, in which it is based.

What could be better for students, of any age, than learning their craft in an actual theatre setting.

As a family run business, Julie and the team, have fabulous connections in the world of the performing arts.    This enables students to progress on to a professional career should they wish to.  If you check out the Academy Theatre's programme, or the photos on the walls,  you'll realise that it's loved by the stars of the stage... but what you might not realise is that even bigger stars frequent the theatre, using it as rehearsal space when developing their shows.

All bases are covered at Take 2... a variety of dance disciplines, drama, vocal training, stage movement, music... through both group classes and private individual coaching. Whether a student wants to learn Modern Jazz dance or to play the Sax... it's covered!


But what makes the real difference to students, of whatever age, is the environment and culture they're immersed in.


Take 2 Performing Arts Academy is not only about encouraging students to develop their talents and progress.  It's also about building confidence, social skills, communication skills, and just having fun.


The coaches are chosen for both their expertise and their teaching methods.  Every student is made to feel comfortable and supported.


Whether you are 3 years old and want to learn dance by having fun, or you're 83 and want to sing purely for enjoyment, Take 2 is the perfect environment for you.


And students progress in the way and at the speed they wish to.  If they would like to pursue a career in their chosen field, this will be encouraged and all help possible provided. If they wish to stay attending lessons simply for enjoyment, then that's absolutely fine too.

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